Choosing a motor boat/yacht

Before you consider buying a motor boat/yacht there are a few things you need to think about, carefully, before you make your final decision.

Firstly you need to decide what you want to use the vessel for; will it just be for pleasure; do you need or want to charter it.
What types of accommodation will you need?
What is your budget?
What size do you want? Generally, vessels under 26’ (8m) are classed as boats; over 26 feet are considered as yachts. Yachts of 78’ (24m) or more are classed as superyachts.
Do you want to buy new – this can be a great opportunity for you to have a vessel built which will suit your exacting needs and tastes. However, you need to be aware that building a vessel from scratch, depending on size, features and classification requirements, can take up to several years.
Another option, if you just can’t wait, is to buy an existing vessel, there are always plenty for sale throughout the world and finding one that will meet your needs is highly likely, and you will always have the option of having a refit done to bring it in line with your own personal taste.

You should have also considered the type of vessel you are after, these include:

Open style sport yachts – These are very common, have a maximum of two decks but can be very spacious and luxurious. These vessels are, generally, fast so you can cut down on journey time, but also have the refinements needed for entertaining guests with plenty of space for sunbathing and dining. They also have easy access to the water and some have space for water ‘toys’. They are the perfect type of vessel for getting into those secluded bays and deserted beaches; they are easier to manoeuvre into marinas – worth thinking about if you are inexperienced at the helm, as this type doesn’t usually need a crew.

Luxury Yachts – This category covers a large variety of vessels of all sizes, styles and type. They can have as many as 5 decks and accommodate many guests and crew. They can vary immensely in design and luxury, from the very comfortable, practical vessels to ‘superyachts’ – the absolute pinnacle of luxury, these can have helicopter landing pads, boat docks cinemas, gyms and games rooms. Luxury yachts are generally well equipped for entertaining and having fun, with plenty of water sports toys including jet skis, windsurfers, canoes, dive equipment and swimming pools. Some have a speed boat for water skiing and even a small submarine.
The interiors of these types of vessels are generally very spacious with large saloons; fine dining areas and luxurious accommodation for guests and owners, with many bedrooms having en-suites.
These vessels are built for the open sea and are generally stable in adverse conditions. They are designed to travel long distances in comfort, are self-sufficient and larger vessels have a crew, so you don’t have to do anything apart from enjoying the experience. Many have office space, so the busy business executive will never be far away if required for that crucial video board meeting or, indeed, having the meeting onboard – what a great environment to have a meeting in, and when all is done everyone can relax on the sun deck or in the saloon bar.

Large luxury yachts are, by definition, very expensive not only to buy but also to run. This is why a growing number of owners are offering their yachts up for charter to help cover the running costs. This is something you may want to consider if you are looking to make your purchase a profitable one, but be aware that in order to charter your vessel it will need to be registered to one of the classification societies, and if not already registered that may require an expensive refit to bring the vessel up the standards required.

Once you have made your decision and have now decided what you are looking for and what you will be using the vessel for, then you need to start thinking about how you will go about finding the right vessel and making that purchase. One way is to do all the hard work yourself or you could employ a specialist firm, like Aston Yachts, to take care of everything for you. Buying a motor boat/yacht, of any size and budget, can be a daunting task and not to be taken lightly. It can be very time-consuming and there are many technical and legal processes to go through in order to make the purchase and transfer of ownership go smoothly, and using a specialist in this area will be invaluable.

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