Our Boat Purchasing Services

We will determine exactly what your needs are and what type of vessel you are looking for depending on the type of sailing you intend to do and where you intend to do it; how many people you intend to have aboard; the layout required, etc. We can advise you on what you are likely to get based on your budget and help you decide whether new or existing vessels may be the route to take. You will be in complete control, and we will not try to coerce you into buying something you don’t need, remember we are here to get you your perfect boat, we are not a broker trying to sell you something from our stock because we don’t have any and we are not tied to any builders or brokers.

We will undertake a thorough search of the global market, for both new and used boats. With our database of over a hundred quality boat builders and hundreds of very good brokers and searching the private and marina sales, we are sure to find the perfect boat to meet your requirements. Once a number of vessels have been sourced that we feel may be suitable for you, we will personally visit them to determine if they really do meet your needs; checking condition, history and all relevant paperwork, and reject or accept them, as we deem appropriate.

Unlike a keen, maybe inexperienced, buyer we do not get tied up in the fantasy of a new boat and don’t look at it and dream of sitting at the helm cruising up the coast with our friends on board in the sunshine. Our job is not to see it through rose tinted glasses but through magnifying glasses. That way you can be sure that what we show you will be perfect, for you, in every way.

You will be in total control during the search and constantly updated on developments and advised on any suitable vessels which we feel may be of interest to you. We will arrange to have you visit the yachts for a viewing; we will be with you to show you around and be there to answer any concerns or questions you may have.

Our next job is to, literally, do anything and everything to find something wrong with the boat, because only at the end of this process can we be totally satisfied that we have done all we can to make sure your perfect boat is, just that.

If everything is to our’s, and your, satisfaction we will be able to best advise you on how things should proceed.

We will then start the legal processes rolling, so a Memorandum of Agreement can be drawn up to ensure a satisfactory purchase. Then, if required, we will arrange a full, out of water, survey by an independent, qualified and insured surveyor. Then we will ensure all other paperwork and documentation is scrutinized and finalized by professional marine solicitors, to ensure the change of ownership is legal and without complications.

Using our extensive knowledge of the market and armed with the information we have gathered from the solicitors and the surveyors we will be in a very good position to negotiate the price, with the current owners, on your behalf. It is our policy to try and save our clients as much as possible off the asking price, or to negotiate a satisfactory compromise, such as including more in the sale.

We will go through the registration process with you, if required, and determine which flag state you will want the vessel registered to and how the Tax and VAT, you may need to pay, will be affected by this. For vessels under 24 meters (78′), we will go through with you the CE certification categories and how that will affect how, where and when you can use your vessel. We will go through with you all the types of insurance you may need for your vessel, and help arrange this on your behalf if you require.

Should you require a refit, for your new boat, we will help in selecting the right yard to do the work and will be able to help you choose a designer best suited to your ideas. We will then oversee the whole process on your behalf, checking the yard keeps to deadlines and ensuring all the work is done satisfactorily and that all relevant insurances and assurances are in place to make sure all work is completed to the required standards.

After the purchase, of your boat, we will assist you, if required, in choosing a management company, a maintenance company, technical services, warranty, etc. We will help in choosing a crew if required, finding you a berthing and help you with any uncertainties you may have, so you can have a long, enjoyable and carefree relationship with your new boat, safe in the knowledge that we will always be there for you should you need us.

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For a more comprehensive idea of what we will do for you, please read our buying guide.   Buying Guide


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