Our Fees

We ask, our clients, for a retainer which all expenses and costs are drawn from during the searching and buying process. These will include our hourly rates, any travel expenses, and later Surveyors and Solicitors fees, Insurance, extra warranty, flagging, Certification, upgrades, shipment fees (if the boat needs to be transported or sailed to any location other than from where it was purchased), mooring/marina fees, VAT, etc. At the end of the purchasing process, any funds left over in the retainer will be paid back to the client and from that point on the client is responsible for any further payments (insurance, mooring, warranty, etc.) The client can opt to pay for everything themselves instead, however, the retainer will still be required to cover our expenses and fees.

Some of the above fees and charges may be dealt with by the seller or broker and we aim to try and keep our client’s fees to a minimum.

Upon completion of the purchase, a finders fee will need to be paid to Aston Yachts, by the client, based on a small percentage of the purchase price. It is our aim to make our fees self-funding by using our knowledge of the market and our experience to negotiate the best possible deal for our clients.

Our clients will be kept completely up to date on expenses and will always be informed before any funds are drawn. All expenses and costs will be accounted for and receipts kept. The client will be kept up to date on the remaining funds available and must make top-up payments upon request if there are insufficient funds left in the retainer to cover upcoming fees or costs, any delay in this process could cause problems with the purchase and Aston Yachts will not be held responsible if this delay occurs.

Aston Yachts is not a financial institution and, therefore, are not in a position to offer any finance or insurance.

Sourcing and acquiring the finest yachts for our clients